Contemporary Nature

My latest series it titled The Rhythm of Nature. These are all mixed media paintings. I’m so inspired by our new surroundings in the Verde Valley and these come directly from my heart. I’m enjoying more than ever playing and experimenting with different mediums to create this artwork.

  • The majestic elk roam much the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Elk are the most abundant large mammal found in Yellowstone. The Shawnee name for elk is wapiti, which means “white rump.” Elk are connected with love and music for many Native Americans, and a well-known tribe legend credits elk with the creation of the first flute: a boy is too shy to speak to the girl he has fallen in love with. But two elk-men visit him in a dream and give him a flute, which he masters, giving him the means to communicate his feelings to the girl through music. The camouflage background and foreground are acrylic paint with the elk painted with oil paint. Original Painting Available – 24 x 12 mixed media
  • The love of spring! We feed so many little hummers here, I love watching them flit around all our feeders or flowers. Oh, the smell of cherries in the spring! The background is acrylic and the hummingbird in the cherry blossoms are painted with oil. Original Painting Available – 24 x 12 mixed media
  • The bees have such an important role in this world! I plant flowers all over our yard to do my part to help with The Rhythm of Nature. Layered acrylic background with the popping up buds and flower attracting the bee all painted with oils. Original Painting Available – 24 x 24 mixed media
  • I started painting the background in acrylic, keeping in mind this was for the bees. Adding shapes and color that harmonize together. The bees and dandelions are painted with oils on top of the layered acrylics. What better way to drink your morning coffee with some bees buzzing!\ Original Painting Available – 18 x 18 mixed media
  • In this mixed media painting, I start with the background. Looking closely you can see a lot of layering is going on here! My subjects come alive using oil to give a realistic feel to the layered acrylic background. Original Painting Available – 24 x 24 mixed media


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