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  • Rainmaker

    The Rainmaker was created after spending a day at Angel Peak located in San Juan Badlands Canyon, New Mexico. It was quite a spiritual and reflective time as everything unfolded in perfect synchronicity.  On our way to this destination for our photo shoot, we stopped and gathered Navajo tea, which Wylde is holding in his left hand. In his right hand he is raising his medicine to the creator and giving thanks. The medicine pouch contains sacred items. A personal medicine bag may contain objects that symbolize personal well-being and tribal identity. Traditionally, medicine bags are worn under the clothing. This is Wylde in his 11th year.
    • Original Painting Available - Oil, Framed 60 x 30
    • Limited Edition Giclée Prints - 30 x 60 | 24 x 48
  • Gathering Traditions

    The southwest is full of wide-open beautiful space. This is the area around Shiprock, New Mexico, a hub for trading with local people. Many of the children I paint were born here at the Shiprock hospital. The people live so remotely and in such a vast area Shiprock seemed to be a central location. Skye Blue has been modeling me since she was an infant. In this painting she is with her sister Breezy Summer. Their outfits are made from elk hide, all hand fashioned by the grandmother and family. There is a blue-ribbon award on Skye’s dress. Breezy’s dress is now part of my Native dresses.
    • Original Painting Available - Oil on linen | 30 x 40
    • Limited Edition Giclée Prints - 30 x 40 | 16 x 29
  • This is a painting from my Native American series. I started painting Native American children full time starting in 2001. This painting portrays Skye Blue and her little sister Luna Cloud. The love Skye has for her new sibling is so heartwarming. Luna is so intrigued with the turquoise pendant that is so traditional with the Navajo tribe.
    • Original Painting Available - Oil, on linen 18 x 24
  • Buffalo Roam

    Bison, symbolic animals of the Great Plains, are often mistakenly called buffaloes. By any name, they are formidable beasts and the heaviest land animals in North America. I photographed this Bison mother and her calf while on a trip to Wyoming with artist friends. I was so immersed in the beauty around us, we were surrounded with wildlife. It was a memorizing experience for me. I got back in my Cave Creek studio and this is the first painting of an ongoing series of wildlife pieces I am creating. Bison stand some 5 to 6.5 feet tall at the shoulder and can tip the scales at over a ton. Despite their massive size, bison are quick on their feet. When the need arises, they can run at speeds up to 40 miles an hour. They sport curved, sharp horns that may grow to be two feet long.
    • Original Painting Available - Mixed media - oil, acrylic, 36 x 60
    • Limited Edition Giclée Prints - 24 x 40

  • American Freedom

    American Freedom by Sharon Brening. This oil painting is part of her Honoring America series. Limited Edition Giclée prints are available. The bald eagle, with its snowy feathered (not bald) head and white tail, is the proud national bird symbol of the United States. These majestic birds have a wingspan of 6 to 8 feet. The eagles can live up to 28 years and mate for life. More than 95 percent of bird species are monogamous, making them among the most loyal members of the animal kingdom. The Native Americans consider the bald eagle and the golden eagle to be sacred. As eagles are the highest-flying birds, they were seen to be nearer to the Creator. The meaning of the Eagle symbol was to signify courage, wisdom and strength and its purpose was as the messenger to the Creator.
    • Original Painting Available - Gallery Wrap 20 x 60 x 1.5
    • Limited Edition Giclée Prints - 20 x 60 | 15 x 45
  • Live Free Or Die

    Live Free or Die by Sharon Brening. I am creating a series depicting my love of USA and iconic symbols of American Freedom. Limited Edition Giclée are available. The bald eagle is the proud national bird symbol of the United States. These eagles’ mate for life, with incredibly unique rituals. The most famous and recognizable of these rituals is the "cartwheel courtship flight," in which two bald eagles will fly up high, lock talons and then get into a cartwheel spin as they fall toward the ground, breaking apart at the last minute. Nonbreeding bald eagles may engage in this behavior antagonistically, as a kind of ritualistic battle.
    • Original Painting Available - Gallery Wrap 60 x 60
    • Limited Edition Giclée Prints - 24 x 24
  • Days Done

    John is one of our local Cave Creek cowboys. With a good horse and saddle he rides through brush and thicket gathering his cattle. I was fortunate one day while out riding to run across John and his wife Andy gathering cattle for an old-time branding.
    • Original Painting Available - Oil, on linen canvas 16 x 20
    • Limited Edition Giclée Prints - 16 x 20
  • Mr. Moose

    The word “moose” is an Algonquin term meaning “eater of twigs.” Massive and majestic, moose are a cherished wildlife icon of North America. While over Moose are the largest of all the deer species. Males are immediately recognizable by their huge antlers, which can spread 6 feet from end to end. This is my first moose painting with more to come. I love watching these massive creatures, my quest is to find one with the 6-foot antlers! This moose we found while camping in Silverton, Colorado.
    • Original Painting Available - 18 x 18 gallery wrap - Mixed media - oil, acrylic


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