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Sponsored by the City of Litchfield Park and produced by Vermillion Promotions, the Litchfield Park Art & Wine Festival has established itself as one of Arizona’s top rated Art Festivals, and has become a favorite among locals, art enthusiasts and winter visitors. Located in the heart of an upscale community renowned for its devotion to arts and entertainment, and home to Arizona’s legendary Wigwam Resort, Litchfield Park is currently ranked as the #1 Most desirable place to live in Arizona!

Twice a year this upscale resort community is transformed into a vibrant artisan’s village during the height of the tourist season. Featuring the work of more than 150 jury selected fine artists and craftsmen.

Located in the heart of this luxurious resort community, the award winning Litchfield Park Art & Wine Festival combines irresistible festival eateries, wine tastings, and great entertainment with more than 150 extraordinary artists and craftsmen exhibiting original works of art and exquisite handcrafted creations. So, whether you love superior wines, extraordinary art, or you just love the relaxed ambiance of outdoor festivals, Litchfield Park is your destination.

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