American Freedom by Sharon Brening. This oil painting is part of her Honoring America series. Limited Edition Giclée prints are available.

The bald eagle, with its snowy feathered (not bald) head and white tail, is the proud national bird symbol of the United States. These majestic birds have a wingspan of 6 to 8 feet. The eagles can live up to 28 years and mate for life. More than 95 percent of bird species are monogamous, making them among the most loyal members of the animal kingdom.

The Native Americans consider the bald eagle and the golden eagle to be sacred. As eagles are the highest-flying birds, they were seen to be nearer to the Creator. The meaning of the Eagle symbol was to signify courage, wisdom and strength and its purpose was as the messenger to the Creator.

  • Original Painting Available – Gallery Wrap 20 x 60 x 1.5
  • Limited Edition Giclée Prints – 20 x 60 | 15 x 45