Thunder’s Mother titled this painting Eagle Child. She said, “Our Chei’s (grandfathers) pray to the creator as the sun rises to greet a new day!” Thunder is always looking and pointing upwards to the sky and heavens. After finishing this painting, I noticed a magical eagle that appears in his face. Eagles have very spiritual meanings. The majestic Eagle totem is symbolic of being a supreme visionary. Possessing the power of exceptional vision, he is master of timing and accuracy. Each Eagle brings the essence of expanding your spirit flying high and free. When Eagle spirit animals appear in your life, you are being asked, if not challenge to go deeper into your spiritual quest. Eagle symbol meaning is challenging you to take your idea and bring it into reality; just as Eagle can spot it’s pray from very far distance and use its ability to remain completely on its mission. You must take action on your visions; this is your greatest destiny. Eagle spiritual meanings remind us to be victorious, proud and strong. Do all these things with great humility… that humility of nature that is beautiful and grand yet does not boast. This is the symbolic meaning of Eagle shown to us by Great Spirit.

  • Original Painting SOLD
  • Limited Edition Giclée Prints – 15 x 30 | 12 x 24